About Our Academy

We welcome you to our Centre of dance, exercise, and performing arts.  We have been an established team for over 10 years and are still continuing to develop our school.  As a Centre based on extra-curricular activities, we are aware that young people are attending classes in their leisure time.  Fun is therefore a key element in any program. Please be aware that the timetables and classes are subject to availability and change from term to term based upon demand.


The group started as a small team and later grew into a commercial dance school.  When the right building came along in 2008 the schools joined to create The Dance Centre Academy.  We are constantly developing our studios with new ideas and improvements and hope to welcome more new members into the DC family!  We currently have over 85 classes per week and 300 + children attending, and 100 + adults every week.  We are very proud of our dance school and our dance community.


We teach many different styles of dance to children and adults.  We offer accredited examinations, competitions, teams, theatre shows, presentations, displays and much more throughout our busy year.  Some of the classes run during term time, we are sometimes closed during the holidays.  There is always something exciting going on.    


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