Adult Classes Frequently Asked Questions?


What do I wear to my first class?


To start off with it is fine to wear something comfortable and sensible, suitable for exercise.  For example, t-shirt, shorts, leggings, tracksuit bottoms, casual clothing.  Footwear can be dance shoes, trainers, or sensible fitting shoes.  Once you have started your classes you can order all your dancewear and shoes from our in studio or online store.


Do I need a partner?


Some of our classes are taught as couples dances.  Due to Covid restrictions our teachers are not able to dance with any students as social distancing must be maintaned.  If you are looking to attend a couples class you must have a partner with you from your household or bubble that you are allowed to have close contact with.  Our Solo classes are desinged for you to dance on your own in your own unique space.  The sessions will have small numbers of students so that dancers can move easily and maintain distance from other members of the class safely.  


How does payment work?


Courses are priced individually depending on the number of sessions in the course.  Please note you cannot pay for the classes weekly.  You can pay by cash, debit/credit card, Bank Transfer.  Payment must be made at the start of the course when booking your place.  We use a system called Class Manager, this will send all messages, invoices, updates and Zoom links directly to your email.  You can view your classes and payments on your account with us.   


Are there any discounts available for adults?


We offer many discounts please see details below, discounts will automatically be applied when you are registered on our system:


* Consessions (Over 60's) Discount 20% 

* Couples Discount 10% 

* Multi Class Discounts 2nd Class = 20%  3rd Class = 25% etc.  


What happens if I miss a class?


If you miss one of your classes for any reason, the session does not get carried over or refunded.  If you unable to attend due to isolating etc we can send you a link to join the session from home via Zoom or you can access the pre-recorded practice videos on our class practice page.  If we have to cancel a class, and cannot offer an online lesson then we will refund or carry forward any fees. 


What do I do if I need to speak to someone or have a question?


We always have time to answer any questions or deal with any queries or issues and welcome your thoughts on any matters.  As teachers are busy going from class to class, please ask any of our front of house staff, if they are unable to help they can take a message for the right person.  You can also email us any enquiries you may have.  

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