Our instructors can help you to create your perfect first dance.  The amount of lessons you will need may vary from couple to couple and how much detail is needed in the routine.  We have many different instructors, depending on your style and music choice, will depend which teacher works with you.  An initial private lesson will give you a chance to see if a class would be beneficial or a series of private lessons.


Your Dance:

  • First you will need to choose your music.
  • Be aware of what you will be wearing on your big day, and if it will restrict any of your movements or ideas.
  • Are you dancing to a CD or live band, the same song but by a different artist can vary the tempo, and can affect you dance.
  • Always discuss any ideas with your instructors and be clear about what you would like to do.

Remember To Tell Your DJ:

  • Will your guests know you will be performing?  or will it be a suprise?
  • Would you like to invite guests to join you part way through your dance?


Couple / Individual Lesson            £30.00

Party Group Lesson                      £35.00

Edit Music                                     £10.00


* Discounts may apply when booking multiple lessons at the teacher’s discretion. 

* Cancellations without sufficient notice will be charged a £5 fee.

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