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We welcome you to our Centre of dance, exercise, and performing arts.  We have been an established team for over 20 years as a company and have been in our studio home for 12 years.  


On this page we aim to inform you about our dance school, our policies, events, opportunities to take part in activities.  We are a large organisation with many different areas of the school, we encourage all members to read about all aspects of our Academy.  The video above also shows you a general overview of our Academy.  


Academy Uniform 

We have our own uniform for classes.  This is not compulsory to purchase.  We have tops, leggings, hoodies and much more.  We also stock and supply all the regular dance wear and shoes for all the styles.  



Whilst medal tests or formal examinations are not compulsory at our academy, we do encourage our students to recognise their achievements by sitting exams held by an independent assessor and to aim for further goals.  Your teacher will recommend if you are ready for any examinations.  We pride ourselves on having a 100% pass rate, with most students achieving Honours and Distinctions.  Tests are normally held every term throughout the academic year, here at the studio or at a reasonably local venue. Alongside this, teachers will personally assess their students throughout the year.  Our examination boards are the United Kingdom Alliance (UKA), LAMDA and The Royal Academy Of Dance (RAD).        


Presentation Events

Presentation events are held a few times a year for all students attending classes.  We encourage Rising Star, Most Improved and other class awards.  In addition, following each examination day, we will give the awards out at the same time.  We will hold several events, throughout the day, as we are unable to hold the whole school at any one time due to its growth in recent years. Several age-defined events will be held. Sometimes if the dates are not suitable we may hold our presentation in the next term.


Show Productions

We hold school productions within the studio and at the theatre.   Students that would like to take part in show events will need to come to a ‘Show School’ class in addition to their usual lesson.  This is because productions require more rehearsal time, learning different routines to the syllabus being taught in the classes, and a greater commitment.  Show School events will be taking place at least twice a year. 


Private Lessons 

Private lessons are available in most dance styles.  Lessons can be arranged with the individual instructor and the studio space booked for the lesson.  Please be aware you will need to pay for the hire of the studio time and the teacher’s fee.



We have special classes for competition training.  This often involves private tuition and practice sessions.  Competitors may be required to compete in qualifying heats throughout the year leading to a championship final.  Please be aware it can get expensive to enter competitions, this is due to costumes, registration fees, travel and accommodation.  Please be aware that competitions are a very big commitment.   


Class Progression

Students are assessed at regular intervals by the teacher and may be moved up to the next class.  This is at the discretion of the teacher to monitor the progression of the student.  Classes are assessed on age and ability.  If you have any queries please don’t be afraid to ask at anytime.       


Internet & Social Networking

We kindly ask that older students do not find our staff or directors on social network sites, such as their personal Facebook accounts as it is inappropriate for our teaching staff. Please allow us our own privacy. However we do not want to offend the students or parents, so we kindly ask you to help us communicate this.  We do, however, have a Dance Centre Facebook page, and our Academy Instagram and Twitter which is regulated and supervised by the directors; students are welcome to join and view updates and make posts relating to the school.


Complaints Procedure

If you have any queries, concerns or complaints at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us.  However we ask that you do not disturb instructors whilst teaching, please make arrangements at reception and the teacher will contact you as soon as they can. If you have an official complaint please could you put it in writing to our Principal, Gemma Watkin or to our deputy manager Rob Noble.  



It is a strict policy of our Centre to employ only experienced teaching staff, many of which are professionals in their own right.  We also have many student instructors training at our facility; they are each individually mentored by senior members of staff, until they are fully qualified.  Our staff are also bound by confidentiality agreements, any information disclosed to the staff about any student will remain confidential.  All teachers are DBS checked and first aid trained.


Discipline & Behaviour

We teach our students in a structured environment and encourage excellent behaviour and knowledge of dance and theatre etiquette.  We do, however, reserve the right to dismiss a pupil who is considered to be consistently disruptive.  We will also advise parents if your child is perhaps is not yet ready to join a structured class.  Usually an alternative can be offered or trying them again when they are a little older.    


Communicating With Parents

We use a system called Class Manager for our emails, billing and updates.  In addition to this we will place any information on the website and copies of newsletters, please check regularly to ensure you are up to date.  We also send text messages out to customers from our Academy number.  


General Liability

The Dance Centre does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal items from the classes or café area.


All students are expected to conduct themselves sensibly during class and show respect for fellow students and teachers.  Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.    


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