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Welcome to our Medal Test and Exam page.  Our next sessions with the UKA had been scheduled for:



*  UKA Exams:

   To be confirmed June 2023.



Our next medal session may be in person at the studio with an examiner,, on Zoom, or we will be sending video entries in to be marked. We will assess the availablity near to the time, but either way assessments will be going ahead.


Please ask your teacher for the password for the Members Area for more information about exams and awards.


Examination Boards.


The Dance Centre Academy directors and staff are members of different associations, which are all recognised examination boards.


* United Kingdom Alliance of Dance Teachers.

* International Dance Teachers Association

* Royal Academy of Dance.


* Trinity College London. 

* Council for Dance Education & Training.


The tests and examinations are conducted by the various organisations.  These organisations are all corporate members of the British Dance Council and are very similar in structure and standard. There are variations in the activities organised for teachers to help their students progress in their art form. 


The Benefits Of Informal Assessments For Your Children.


Students that have completed badges and awards when they are younger are more confident about being assessed by external examiners. If they go on to sit more advanced examinations, students are more confident about the processes.


The Benefits Of Accredited Examinations.


LAMDA, RAD and Trinity College London are all recognised to award qualifications on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in England by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), in Wales by Qualifications Wales (QiW), and in Northern Ireland by the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA). 


About Medal Tests.


Medal tests are an informal way of showing that students have understood what has been taught in classes. The tests show how the students are progressing through the syllabus and give them something extra to work towards. The awards develop through to higher levels and can progress onto formal qualifications. We encourage all students to take part, even if they are relatively new to classes. We have found that it helps build confidence and helps students to focus on targets in class as they improve their skills.



* Everyone can have a go!

* Suitable for children or adults.

* Individual or as a couple.


Medal Tests.


When you first start learning to dance, the idea of taking any form of test is not exactly top of your list. Although we encourage members of our classes to take tests and examinations as a matter of course, it always remains an option. Please have a go if you would like to, but never feel pressured that you have to take any form of exams. We will only enter students if we feel they are ready, and completely confident with what they must do.


Extra Lessons.


If you are taking higher-level exams or tests, extra lessons may be needed.  These may be on a short term basis or for an extended period of time (for example a term of classes before an exam date) with an additional specialist teacher. 




There are many different awards throughout the arts. Please ask your teacher for advice about the level you will need to work towards, and what would be required from you within your chosen subject.


Medal tests, examinations or project awards: 


* Ballroom & Latin.

* Rock N Roll.

* Argentine Tango.

* Salsa.

* Ballet & Tap.

* Jazz, Freestyle & Contempory.

* Disco.

* Street Dance.

* Cheer Dance & Cheerleading.

* Musical Theatre.

* Drama & Performance.

* Music Theory.

* Choreography.

* Arts Award.


* You don’t need a partner. Tests can be taken dancing on your own, with your teacher, or with some friends from your dance class.


Exam Booking & Fees.


Fees must be paid when you book your exam appointment at the studio in advance of the day.


The Examiner.


We will be appointed a regional examiner from the Association. All examiners are also teachers, and are very friendly and encouraging towards the students. Their aim with us is to help the students achieve and develop in their dancing. The examiner will give the teachers feedback and advice on any areas that need improvement and positive feedback. 

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