How To Book A Trial Session


Free Trial Session.


We offer a free trial lesson to every child trying out a class for the first time.  We allow up to two sessions on a trial basis, especially for younger students finding their feet. This is a great opportunity to try a new style or activity and see what is going to suit the best.  During the trial lesson, the teacher can assess if they are ready or at a suitable level for the session. 


Please be aware you are booking a trial for a specific date and class, if you are unable to attend, we will try to book you in again, but by then there might not be any spaces left in the session.  Even if you are an existing member and you would like to try a new class, you are still entitled to a free trial lesson in a different class or style. 


Please call the studio to book on 01656 652165 or email


Trial Session Terms & Conditions


* Trials can be booked at any time during the term providing there is space in the class.

* If your child refuses to take part in the class, another trial session may be arranged at our discretion.  

* After your trial lesson your child may be offered a place in that class or a more suitable class, depending on age and ability.

* The Dance Academy staff must have sufficient contact, identification and health details to assume responsibility for the child during the class, and the student must be accompanied by an adult to register.  


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