Private Lessons

Private lessons are available in all dance styles and exercise.  Lessons can be arranged with the individual instructor and the studio space booked for the lesson.  Gift vouchers are also available.  

Depending on what style and level of dance or exercise you need will depend on which teacher will be recommended to you. 


Please ring the studio if you would like to book a lesson, as the studio time gets booked up quickly you will not always be able to have to same appointment day and time.    


* Cancellations without sufficient notice will be charged a £5 fee.

* Daytime lessons are sometimes available upon request.

*Lessons can be between 45 mins and an 1 hour depending on the individual instructor.  


Dance Style

Weekly Lesson Appointments

Available For The Autumn Term

Individual Child

Group Up To 4


All Styles


To Be Confirmed 

£25.00 £35.00


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