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Welcome, please click on the menu to the left to log into our Parent's Area.  Once you have registered you will be sent an email with the page password.  


Here you can view our Student Handbook and other policies for the studio.  


Registration & Class Manager.


Here at the Dance Centre Academy we use a program called Class Manager.  This is where you will need to register to become a member.  We kindly ask that you disclose any injuries or relevant medical information in the interests of your safety and well-being.   All information is confidential.  Please note we only keep your details for one academic year.  If you are a returning member you may need to re-register for a new academic year.  You will also recieve your DCA Prospectus pack by email.   


This is a program to manage billing, class discounts, messages, newsletters and more.  You will have your own account and be able to view all invoices and payments made on your account. 


Once you have entered your details one of our admin team will approve your registration and book your child onto the class. Until then it will say 'Pending' and 'No Enrolable Classes'.  Once they have done this your account will become active and you will be able to see all of your upcoming classes. 


* For more information of how to use our system please watch the video below.


* Please click on the link below to create your account if you are a new member or log in to your Parent Portal. 


* For new students please call the studio directly to arrange a trial session day, please do not create an account profile without booking in with the studio admin team on: 01656 652165 or 07490828992, Thank you. 

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