Welcome to Caburlesque!  This is short for Cabaret Burlesque Dancers.  Here at the Dance Academy we run short courses in the style of Burlesque, Musical Theatre and Jazz Dance to learn the amazing styles and most of all to enjoy the music of the genres.  The classes are for all ages (16+) abilities, shapes and sizes, which cover a diverse range of styles and skills. 


It does not matter your age or fitness level, here at Caburlesque we care about boosting your self-confidence and increasing your body image in a fun and creative environment.  Come and join us in a fu, supportive, social environment to learn the art of dance and express yourself through the world of Burlesque!    


What is Burlesque?


There are so many people that do not understand what Burlesque is, or where it comes from, or they can have the wrong idea about what it can be.  Burlesque has been a word used since the 17th Century.  It was originally used to describe a style of comedy performed in theatres in the Victorian era.  It was intended to mock and create humour, shocking audiences of the time. 


Burlesque has come a long since its beginning, from the parody to striptease, the genre has evolved into what we know as Burlesque.  Contemporary Burlesque is usually in four main categories, Cabaret, Traditional Burlesque and Modern Commercial.  There can be elaborate costumes and props as well as comedic storytelling in the performances.  The style is often very glamorous and over the top.   Burlesque is so much more than it seems and is certainly much more than taking your clothes off!  It truly is a fascinating subject to research about and discover things you never knew.


Beginner Classes


Throughout the year we will be hosting Beginner classes.  These are designed to teach you the basic steps and movements and then to help you develop your own style and character.  The classes are also a great way to gently exercise and socialise with friends.  Please see the Studio Timetable for the latest sessions.  


Caburlesque Ladies Group


The Caburlesque Ladies group dance together to create performances for our Cabaret Charity events.  

cabaret charity events

The next event will be in Luna Live Lounge Saturday 13th July 2024 - More information coming soon!

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