Well-Being Club

Hi everyone and welcome to the Well-Being Club! The Dance Centre and Shooting Star Counselling have come together trialling well-being workshops over the last year and they have been amazing!


So, together we have created a club where these workshops are exclusive to DC members and are specially designed to help with a variety of different topics. A careful blend of psycho-eductation and creativity will help to explore and discover a range of different aspects, including friendship, self-esteem building and confidence, anxiety, emotions, mood management, expression, supporting one another, personal resilience, self-control, problem solving, and many more.


We work to promote self-love, self-care and aim to create a sense of inner strength and strive to develop a positive mindset. These tools are vital for well-being and no one deserves to feel alone, unheard, not confident or self-conscious. We want to create a safe space where everyone can express and share, feel a part of something and just be who they are. We embrace all diversities and individuality and together we can learn about ourselves and grow to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.


These workshops will include developing techniques for managing difficult emotions and other issues. Throw in some messy crafts and some crazy games and you have a fun-filled workshop to suit all! Everyone gets to be involved and more importantly everyone is welcome. Come along, meet the time and be a part of something special.


The Well-Being Club: Worth, Bravery & Confidence.


2022 Sessions All Groups 6:00 - 8:30 pm


Saturday 2nd July  - Postponed 


New Dates for Autumn Term to be arranged. 


* If sessions cannot take place in person, we will host them on Zoom.

* Sessions are £6.00 per student, workshops open to non-members, please book your place in advance.


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